Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Updates from Munchkinland

There are about 87 other things I should be doing right now so I'll make this quick but I wanted to share an update from the schooling front. We are now happily ensconced in the school routine. The first two weeks were a reminder to me as much as Amy that adjusting to a routine takes time. I had to resist the temptation to say "wait! I changed my mind! Let's homeschool!" And I'm really glad we are where we are, because Amy loves her class and it is proving to be an excellent experience for her. After getting to know her and her skills Amy's teacher suggested that Amy could try doing second grade work. (Her class is one-room-schoolhouse style, with several grades under one teacher). Amy was all for the challenge, and the work has proved easy for her, so yesterday we decided to make it official and Amy has now skipped over first grade and is a full-fledged second grader! She was SO excited, and, lacking a camera, I had to content myself with a fabulous mental picture of her this morning, at her new, bigger desk with bigger chair and fancy second-grade nametag. We are all pleased! 

This boy is doing fabulously at preschool as well. It's a very low-key program and seems mostly play focused, which is just fine. He and Amy also are getting a hefty helping of Bible instruction, for which I am very grateful. But oh man, this guy and his guns. Or blasters. Or whatever. Yeesh. 

And last but not least, Miss C who is getting quite close to walking. She is currently keeping me on my toes by not taking the same naps two days in a row, and also refuses to sleep in her own crib at night, preferring to snuggle up between me and D... but that's okay, we'll get there, right? Otherwise she is just super. And desperately needing my attention right now, so off I go, have a great day folks!

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