Friday, February 28, 2014


Oh my, the days have gone whipping by since last Thursday when Don got that long-awaited call from the detailer, giving us unofficial orders to... the west coast! The news was quite a shock, and not at all what we were hoping for, but it didn't take too long to start getting a little excited for the adventure. We'll move this summer, after Amy finishes school and hopefully after a few weeks spent soaking up family time on the east coast. 

Needless to say my every free thought has been spent on where we might live or exactly how we'll all get out there. I'll be looking forward to pinning down some specifics. 

In the meantime there has been plenty of the usual going on in the here and now, and I look forward to catching up on that  and sharing some other pictures and projects soon. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Toy

We'll, I have joined the cool kids and got myself an iPhone. My windows phone of 2.5 years served me well but with limited time to actually sit at my computer these days I needed something that would help me keep up even away from my desk. So far so good, except that it is terribly addictive.

A couple quick pics from today, just hanging around. Gorgeous weather here today, near 80. First time I've put my 10-week-old baby girl in short sleeves for the day! 

This shirt had wings on the back! The cuteness was killing me all day.  

This post brought to you from the couch, watching figure skating, with sleeping fairy baby on my chest. Thanks, iPhone! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Big Girl Reading

Who exactly is this grown-up girl, sitting quietly, ignoring brother, music, Daddy, toys all over the floor, reading a chapter book to herself?  Oh my, seems someone is crossing that divide to big kid.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Week

I have been feeling like a huge blogging failure this week because twice I sat down to write a post in the evening and two days in a row I totally failed. The first night I wrote a whole bunch but I was trying too hard and it just sounded dumb. Last night I was distracted with the Olympics, Caroline, and about six other open tabs on my browser - all shiny little things that kept taking my thoughts away from writing something nice here. 

So in standard form I'll attempt to catch up with what's been on my mind these last few days. 

Picture above - turkeys in the yard again! These guys and girls came through about a year ago, then about a month ago, and now they've been around every day this week. What goofy birds. They are quite large now, and make quite a show of scratching through the pine straw looking for things to eat. The boys across the street spotted them earlier this week, and came running, and for the first time I saw turkeys take flight. Wow. 

Caroline! Two months old. Nine weeks. Sleeping well, smiling lots, growing like crazy. She gets a checkup and first shots tomorrow morning - oh boy. 

On Tuesday William and I had a particularly fun time together while Amy was at school. It was cold and rainy all day and we had been out in it earlier in the morning, getting the minivan serviced and running a couple errands, so we were happy to just play inside the rest of the day. 

And the rest of the week has dissolved into a mostly home-bound, icy blur. For the second time, Amy had two school days cancelled on account of freezing rain. Now, I realize that people down here aren't used to slippery roads, and of course towns and schools would rather be safe than sorry, but this Connecticut girl can't help be amused at all the fuss over a couple days of very cold rain. Plus this Friday and Monday are also no-school days, for the long Presidents' Day weekend, so by the time Amy gets back to school on Tuesday she'll have been off for almost a week! 

Anyway, those are a few highlights. Will try to pop back more regularly as promised. We are expecting company again this weekend; Don's family this time, and are very excited for that. I need to finish my grocery list and clean the bathrooms. Oh, and last weekend I got out by myself (well, almost - I brought Caroline along but she's easy). While she snoozed in the stroller I pushed blissfully through Target and among other things found this which is SO lovely and makes me want to go clean things just for the pleasure of the fragrance. 

Last thing - we are still waiting to get our orders. It has been "any day now" for a few weeks as we wait for Don to get a call from the detailer. I really can't wait to know where we'll be moving this summer. Seems like everything I think about hinges on that one way or the other. Need to know!

Okay, now that's all. Forgive the rambling and lack of artfulness to this post. I'll be back soon. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I'm going to refrain from making extensive excuses or apologies or dramatic explanations, but I am going to say that I'm backing off from my post-a-day plan for the year. A few days ago I mentioned that phrase I read in a magazine article about living simply - "discretionary burden" - those obligations we burden ourselves with that have little or no consequence in the grand scheme. 

For me, blogging only works when I have something to say. I don't always, and trying to force it when I don't just makes me feel stressed out and mediocre, which is completely not why I write here. I think I take decent pictures, but to always be ready with one that captures the day also adds a bit too much pressure to the candidness of daily picture taking. 

I keep daily journals off-line; I worry not about forgetting a day. I fully plan to continue more frequent posting in general - 3 times a week, a least, I hope. But I refuse to let it stress me out. 

Thanks for understanding :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eight Weeks

Nearly two months, baby girl? How can that be? 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The kids, all three of them, are growing up so quickly and so beautifully. We are having a lovely time with my mom here. We are waiting to find out this week or next where we'll be moving to. Not much else going on besides just the usual daily stuff. Didn't realize until just now that I didn't post last night. Came across a phrase in a magazine: "discretionary burden" - debating about whether or not that applies to my daily posting resolution... to be determined. For now, it is time for bed. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

She Knits!

We had another go today and I think she's got it! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Night

Don and I played Battleship tonight (recently purchased). He beat me big time the first two games and I finally won the third. We played while watching Mr. Roberts and passing Caroline back and forth. The rest of the day was spent with my brother and sister-in-law and my mom here - visitors at last! So thrilled to have family meet our little girl, and so glad for the company of people we love so dearly.