Friday, May 25, 2012

Number Two Turns Two

My sweet little (not so little?) William turned two on Tuesday! We had a nice quiet day capped off with cupcakes with our favorite neighbors after dinner. It was a perfect, simple birthday-day. And Wednesday my mom arrived for a visit, so we celebrated again by opening the presents... and having a few more cupcakes.  William is so sweet and dear and adorable.  I always feel sappy and short on words when I write about him.  I just love him so.  Happy Birthday, little boy.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Where did a week go? Not really sure. I don't have a lot to show for myself these days. Except for a four-and-a-half-year-old girl who knows more about Star Wars than many adults, including me.

And an almost-two-year-old (on Tuesday!!!) boy who can climb and jump and swing and pedal a tricycle like nobody's business.

Both kids are at transitional moments right now.  William is right between baby and little kid. Amy is right between preschooler and big kid. It's a little bit awkward but fascinating to watch them transform.  Just like the caterpillars that we are supposed to be getting for William's birthday.

That's really all I have for now.  I've almost finished a complete overhaul of the big upstairs closet, but that's about it as far as personal projects go. Mostly just plugging along in a reasonably cheery way during the day, and watching Smash at night. I suppose that's why I've been a delinquent blogger.  The kids go to bed and I can hardly wait to queue up another episode on-demand. It leaves me singing and dancing (well, in my head, at least), and I'm quite in love.

Anyway, best be off. Have a lovely weekend, all!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My New Friend

My new friend is actually a really, really, old enemy.  Knitting and I have had an historically rocky relationship. I usually mess something up and it makes me angry. I've gotten a bit more patient in recent years, and have finished some tiny little doll-sized sweaters. That's about it. My first love is crocheting, if for no other reason than it just goes faster. Knitting progresses about 2 millimeters at a time. Oy. 

And this yarn! It is half as old as I am, seriously. I bought it at Genovese, back when it had a craft section   - neither the craft section nor the store exist any more. I bought the 100% cotton yarn for the cute purse pattern on the label, only to discover that it is nearly impossible to crochet with cotton (says I).  

Then, many moons ago, but somewhere in the last year (or two?) I had an idea, and started a little experimental project to a) use up the yarn and b) practice my knitting. So this is my own pattern for a little knit 5, purl 5, 5 row basket-weave patterned dishcloth.  And lately this project has become a very dear friend. 

It is small.  I am keeping it in the really pretty little bag my mom made me for my birthday last year. The yarn matches the bag. Everything about it makes me happy. And it is small. Which means that I could bring it on my vacation last week, and since the kiddos were busy with their little friends I found myself with all kinds of time to just sit and knit. It was awesome.  Knitting and I are now friends.

Amy and I have spent the last two afternoons with yarn and Legos. While I'm doing this: 

She is doing this: 

Setting up Lego figures to act out Beauty and the Beast. Only it's not Beauty and the Beast, it's Leia and Squidman. This is the part where all the villagers storm the castle. Several layers deep, that girl. 

So thanks for stopping by to meet my new friend. Excuse me while I go throw my computer out the window, after just spending 15 minutes trying to get the new post editor of blogger to cooperate with the way I wanted those last two pictures. Arg! 

Better go knit...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea for Two, Revisted

Hi. We are home. We have been away. It was great. But I'm still glad to be home. 

Blogger is different now. Way to mess with my world. 

This picture is really fuzzy. I took it with my phone. Three weeks ago. 

But look, the table and chairs are yellow now! 

That project was on the list for, oh, about a year. Glad it is done. 

That's Robin Hood there, by the way. Just stopping by for tea. Haven't seen him since. 

I really loooOOOOooove airports. It was a fun day to teach my kids things. 

More to say, probably, but too much else to do, first night back and all.  

The cats need attention. I need a shower. TV to watch.  Important stuff like that. 

Will this post actually be all centered when I publish it? It's kinda working for me. 

That is all for now folks, catch you later!