Monday, September 1, 2014

Long Weekend Quilt

Oh happy times! I rather unintentionally found myself in the middle of a new quilt last week and am so very pleased (as I always am) to have made the time for some sewing. 

Here's my little sewing area in the downstairs guest bedroom/playroom. I love the wall color, and it happens to match the fabric in this project. With birthday money many months ago I bought a Moda jelly roll and had plans for a large, elaborately pieced quilt for Caroline, but impulsively decided to just slap them all together into a little crib-sized number, and by doing so could finish the project entirely with materials on hand. Always a win. 

I pieced the strips horizontally on the front and vertically on the back, so it is double sided. The batting is a thick cotton, and I'm hoping this will fool Caroline into thinking she is sleeping under the heavy quilt on our bed, as she seems to be so fond of doing. 

You might notice that the binding is not quite finished - I took these pictures while I had daylight (and a model) yesterday, and planned on finishing the binding last night, but my model had other ideas, so I will wrap up this post up tonight and try again to finish the hand-sewing. It is a thrill to complete a project! 

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