Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May, in Pictures

Hello Friends, 
I really can't keep up; the days are long but the weeks are short and all that. I scroll through the pictures and feel that each story is just more than I have the energy to tell by the time I get to this sort of thing late at night. But I will not be defeated by my own blog! I'm going to go for daily posts in June, and will simply catch up with the second half of May by dumping a whole bunch of pictures here and leave my gentle readers to connect the dots. 

And there you have it. Some beautiful weather, some chilly weather. Two birthdays. New bike. Laundry room overhaul. And today, celebrating a whole year since we closed on this here house. What a great year it has been, and here's to many more! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I am not doing well as a photographer these days, which has partly contributed to my spotty blogging. My four favorite subjects are elusive, or goofy-faced, or become obsessed with my phone the moment it appears before them. There is lots of pretty going on in the outside world but I've done a poor job of documenting anything floral or springy. But I did rustle up these four pictures taken in the last week, just as a very meager way of saying hi and checking in.

My parents came to visit and brought us a lovely new box of chalk; Amy relished their unused perfection before they were scattered. 

I took my big boy out for a solo date to shop for some birthday party supplies, and we picked up pizza for all on the way home. He was being so sweet; I had to take a stealthy backhanded picture at a stop sign. 

We went to Walmart for other things, but C came home with some awesome bicycle accessories: pink streamers, a basket with light-up flowers, and a bell. She's pretty pleased with it all. 

This guy is SO extra super cute these days, and so earnestly verbal. I wish I could take snapshots with my eyeballs when he's playing with me and explaining something very close to my face. But all the pictures I have of him lately are of him sleeping or running away.  Anything else would result in an instant phone grab, or tantrum. 

I do so love my four little Pokemon.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


So since returning from spring break, three weeks ago now, I've been working on all sorts of house projects. Some gardening, some furniture rearranging, general tidying - it's been great. But my two big projects have been makeovers of Amy and William's closets. I started with W's since I haven't really done anything for his room yet (it being in the best shape of any of the bedrooms). After his turned out so well and was such a short and satisfying project I moved right on to Amy's. Her room of course I had completely reprinted in the fall, but didn't touch the closet. Here are some before and afters: 

I don't think the interior walls of either closet have seen a coat of paint since the house was built. Happily I was able to use leftover paint for both -  Timberwolf from A's room for W's closet, and Enchanted, from C's room, for A's closet. Both great colors. 

I bought two big kits of Rubbermaid's "Homefree" (I think that was it?) closet line and with D's help it was a piece of cake to hang the supports. It's also nice to know I can change the rods and shelves as necessary without any trouble. 

Perhaps the best part of this redo was what I finally decided to do as a door replacement for the adequate but irritating standard louvered bifold doors. I hung a shower curtain tension rod and found the coolest bunch of "photo" shower curtains on amazon. W picked this ocean one, shown here with his colossal squid swimming in it. Amy's isn't up yet as I am waiting for the trim paint to cure, but she chose an equally cool forrest scene. I can't wait to see it. These curtains are perfect, as they came in exactly the 75" length needed to cover the whole doorway and they are easy to open and close. The kids pretend it is a portal to the place pictured.  

A's closet is smaller, but was far more worn. I ended up removing-the popcorn on the ceiling, though I had not done so in W's. Naturally, I only though about protective clothing after getting started, so I grabbed the following from C's dress up stuff to keep the plaster dust off my face. 

I'm SO very pleased with these two projects. In my world where there is a constant stream of laundry, dishes, and things to clean only to have them get dirty again, it is nice to do a project that stays done, if you know what I mean. Anyway, that's what's been keeping me busy. Laundry room and master closet are next on the list!