Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Look

Today's post is brought to you by yesterday's picture of a very smiley baby, who, like all my kids, has never had more than a passing, newborn interest in a pacifier. Yet when I unearthed this one in a forgotten purse, and handed it to her, it became an object of fascination all afternoon. She finds all sorts of other things to stuff in her mouth all day, so why not something that is supposed to be there? 

Forgive me the heavy post from last night; naturally I do feel better about the whole situation today, if still a bit unresolved. Amy had a good day and I think was a bit better rested. She loves recess (recesses, actually - they have several at this school), and loves making new friends. And she's super glad that William will be there tomorrow, too. As I've said on this blog many times before, I find the broad subject of education endlessly interesting to discuss - whether it is for my own kids or not. I am fascinated by homeschooling and very much would like to be part of that cool kid club, and I can see so much benefit in it for my kids and our family. However, I have to reconcile that with my own personality type, my desire for personal space in my day, the fact that my better half is gone half the time, and how to address the needs of each child without over-indulging them either. It's tricky, and for better or worse there are lots of options open to parents these days. When I was a kid I wasn't particularly crazy about school, but no one ever hinted that I had a choice, and I really didn't. It was simply what we all did. 

Which is another long way of saying, I love writing and thinking about school, and along with designing the perfect Lego storage system (another post, perhaps) it is something I like to keep simmering on the back burner of my brain - I just need to give the pot a stir once in awhile to keep it all from bubbling over. Thanks as always for listening. 

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