Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Be Still, My Heart

Oh, I have waited for this day. Yesterday, to be exact. The day when William decided that he could draw, and made a picture that really and truly looked like he wanted it to. 

I wrote about that day for Amy several years ago and as far as I'm concerned this is a milestone every bit as exciting as the first steps. It is a moment of exploding confidence and ability to capture the world as they see it.  For Amy drawing has been a journaling and story-telling device, and she has filled many, many hours with markers and paper, mixing classmates with Star Wars characters. 

William took a few months longer, but now he's churning out an impressive number of pictures of people jumping into swimming pools. This was the first one:

That's William in red on the right. And he even pointed out that drawing worked upside down, too, as him doing a headstand in the grass, blue sky above. 

And here's Don and I (he even gave me a yellow outfit, my favorite color):

Incidentally, all this swimming pool business stems from the fact that we have an indoor pool just two blocks from our house, and William can hardly wait to go. Today we signed him up for lessons! 

This drawing thing is yet another reminder that kids always, always achieve something when they are ready to and not a moment before. And then it is a piece if cake.

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