Saturday, September 20, 2014

Blackberry Wreaths and Pumpkin Bars

We spent some time in the yard today, tidying up a bit, trimming things.  Don found a pole saw in the shed and lopped off a bunch of crazy blackberry vines growing Jumanji-style over the top of the other crazy-tall shrub that surrounds the side of the house. The scale doesn't translate well in this picture, but these vine pieces were all at least six feet long and were easy to twist into some really pretty wreaths. The largest is at least 20" in diameter. I am curious to see how they look and hold up as they dry. 

Also of note from the weekend so far, very fabulous pumpkin bars that William and I made on Friday. The recipe was the kids' request, as they remembered the bars our neighbor brought us when we moved in here. It wasn't hard to find a recipe, and I even cut back on the sugar and halved the amount of frosting without sacrifice. They are amazing and among the five of us we ate half the pan the first day. If I get back to blogging from my actual computer and not just the iPad app, I will try to find links for the recipes I've made lately. Until then, Happy weekend!

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