Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Puppy Tale

Today I would like to tell you a story about a small puppy (actually, two small puppies) and one very devoted little boy. 

When we were about to move from South Carolina, I took great pains to tuck Puppy away in my personal bag, and did not allow him out at hotels in the car or anywhere, because I feared tiny Puppy would get lost in the shuffle and we'd never quite know where he was. He has gone missing once or twice before. 

And he went missing again. But this time it was after we were safely at my parents' house. I made a big presentation of "look who came with us, here's Puppy, take good care of him!" and with that William tucked him in his bed... and then no one could find him. 

Surely he would turn up, we said, but he didn't by the time we left, and still has not. Puppy is off on some adventure, and William has been very sad. 

So, enter eBay and a Puppy doppelganger. I had Puppy II in my possession for a few days before I decided how to present him. I'm a terrible liar, and didn't really want to pass this off as THE Puppy, so I wrote a cute note introducing New Puppy to William and left it all for him to find after preschool today. 

But the funny part was, even with this whole story, William didn't think anything other than that this was his one and only Puppy, and was so incredibly relieved to have him back that I didn't feel it necessary to overly explain, so I just went with it. 

Amy, of course, was suspicious and insisted that the handwriting on the note looked a lot like mine. But I just played dumb and said it was all quite a mystery. 

I guess all that really matters is that my boy has his puppy again, and someday perhaps this Puppy will meet his long-lost twin. 

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