Monday, August 29, 2016

Last Little Bits

I think I managed to get caught up with pictures and themes from our two months spent with my parents, all except for these little snapshots: 

And now for school! I still have more to backfill here and will do so soon. But first I need to get a fourth grader and first grader properly launched at their new school. Wish us all luck! 

Miss C

My dear third child has had such a summer - we've been working hard to make it through those challenges of the two-year-old year and she has matured so much in the last few months. And through it all her days are full of enchanting moments that make me forget all the toddler vexations and show instead the amazing young lady she is becoming. So today's post is all for her. 

We sure do love her so. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sibling Love

A whole bunch of fun and sweetness, in no particular order: 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fireworks and Field Trips

On Independence Day all the kids, my dad, my aunt, my cousin (who is just a bit older than Amy) and I all piled in the van after dinner and went to the high school for some proper fireworks. They were spectacular and the kids all had a great time. Caroline was not at all scared and has asked about them quite a bit since, and even Matthew was totally happy-go-lucky about the whole experience. So that was a win, though I always stress about non-routine, late-night events. Relax, Mommy.  

My dad usually took the kids out for errands on Saturday mornings, just like he did when my brother and I were kids. The above picture was from a bonus side trip to see the Balanced Rock right outside of town. They were all suitably impressed! 

And it took us two mall trips to get a much-anticipated ride on the carousel since it was closed the first day we went. Again, such a trip through my own childhood experiences - though now the horses have seatbelts. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Man have these guys done a lot of bike riding this summer. That was pretty much the default activity for this guy 

the whole time we were at my folks' house, since they have a long driveway far from the road. He's a natural, having ditched the training wheels LAST summer, he's fast and totally in control.  

Caroline talked me into a new bike of her very own. She can talk me into a lot of things. 

Not her greatest picture, but she too did very well with this and spent a ton of time going up and down the driveway...with my help. Thank goodness Matthew was so happy to ride alongside in the stroller and just watch. 

And last but not least, I finally got the big girl a big bike, too. Amy had outgrown hers quite awhile ago but since we didn't have a good place to ride in Oregon and she didn't seem as into it as William anyway we just put that purchase on hold. But this summer she was big enough and ready for a 20" of her own and has gained a ton of confidence and handling skills just since the middle of the summer. 

Our new house is on a super-quiet street so the big kids can ride as much as they like, but since I don't want C out in the front of the house without one of us adults on hand that makes the biking free-for-all not quite so free. But hey, they are only getting older. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So Here's the Plan

I have been unusually horrible at documenting ANYTHING this summer, whether on my public blog or even in my private journal. My head is so full, my days are so busy, and is just don't have the energy to digest any of it properly. School starts September 1st here, so since I love things nice and even I'm going to spend the rest of August posting a random picture or two every night in hopes of catching up with summer before it is all totally in the rear view. I can't promise any cohesive themes or even that the pictures will be in the right order. But here it goes. 

I love this picture of my Dad and Matthew. My little guy is quite a bit bigger now, two months later, but his mischievous expression is just the same. 

And my Mommy and Caroline. We sure spent a lot of afternoons by the "pool". What a warm and sunny summer it has been. 

Amy and William were on quite the mermaid kick for a long time and many hours were spent drawing mermaids and mermen and their bubbles on the driveway. Some impressive artwork. 

Stay tuned for more tidbits tomorrow!