Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Sunday

Greetings, sorry to miss yesterday. Too grumpy to blog. Long day, yada yada. 

Better now, had fun day at home with the kiddos. Last night I finished the last eighteen inches of binding on Caroline's quilt. She is snuggled under it at present. 

This girl is going on nine months. Lately she's found herself standing without holding on to anything, just for a few seconds, but longer everyday. My goodness! She is also fond of taking everything out of the bottom of the pantry. 

I can't seem to get the pantry organization right, or maybe we just have too much junk. Hmmm. 

Quilt complete, I am returning to a neglected knitting project, and squeezed in a few rows during C's morning nap. Thanks for the help, Ollie. I wanted to start another sewing project but my machine really needs service, and finally we have a local place to take it, so that's on my list for the week. 

One other small project of the day was indulging the kids in their wish to bake something of their own creation. Sort of - I suggested we make a basic muffin batter, then I split it into two and let them each add what they wanted. That seemed to satisfy, and their little creations turned out pretty well. 

And that was our day, pretty much. These kiddos are good company. 

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