Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Help Daddy

... and ta da!

Handles and pulls installed, and the dresser is in its new home at last. Technically, yes, it's Amy's dresser, but right now it is more useful in our living space. Love it!

Oh, and just to note - this is my 100th post. What did I do with all this stuff On My Mind before I had this blog?? Thanks, everyone, for all the encouragement!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mom's Rules (or, Moms Rule)

Well, well. I have had the grand luxury of spending the last two weeks with my mommy. A little time here, a little time there; it's been a wonderful way to polish off February. All manner of topics were discussed, all sorts of projects shared, never quite enough time for any of it. And as always after some time away and the perspective that only a mommy can provide, I have returned refreshed and recharged and ready to make some changes; seize control, steer this ship in the right direction, etc, etc. No inmates running the asylum here.

And that's not to say that anything (or anyone) is out of control - quite the contrary, but as seasons change I want to do a little spring cleaning of my mommy-arsenal, just as I've spent winter decluttering and bringing focus to our physical places.

With that in mind, I present a rough draft of Mommy's Rules, possibly to be represented in poster and/or picture form for the benefit of all family members. Suggestions welcome - I will say that none of this is original or ground breaking; most is barely more than obvious. I simply want something in writing to remind myself that it is okay to be consistent about certain things.

1. Be Kind and Play Nicely
2. Share Toys
3. Say Please and Thank You
4. Be Patient
5. Be Helpful
6. Cooperate
7. Don't Interrupt
8. Respect the Phone
9. Sleep All Night Long [preferably in your own bed]
10. Cultivate Faith as a Family

These are all still jostling around in my head, and may yet be expanded, consolidated, or reworded. But just putting them "out there" is a good start for now. I'll keep you posted on this project (and lots of other projects of the yarn and fabric variety - ooh, do I have plans!) as the weeks unfold.

Thanks for a great two weeks, Mom and Dad!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine

Just popping in with a quick warm and fuzzy picture for V-Day. That's Mister Ollie Man snuggling with my mommy, who is staying with us for the week. Happy times, all around.

More from me in a bit... tonight feels like just too much of a put-my-feet-up night.
Wishing you all a lovely mid-February!

Monday, February 7, 2011

D's Office

On this blog I spend plenty of time talking about my kids, and I seem to have no problem blathering on about myself and my projects, but very rarely to I give any airtime to the person who makes it all possible. Even the cats get more mention here than my poor husband does.

So in an attempt to make up for that in some small way, I wanted to share a bit about the cozy office that Don has carved out for himself. This is what might be considered the anteroom to the garage - it's carpeted, but not heated, and is technically open to the rest of the garage. Last winter we had the brilliant idea of hanging an enormously large and thick quilt (made by Don's mom from old t-shirts) from a shower tension rod across the opening between this space and the garage-proper. Adding a small space heater and keeping the interior door propped open to the rest of this house keeps this area warm and toasty even on the very cold days we've had this winter.

Don has had this table set up as a desk for quite some time, and this has always been his space where he's done schoolwork or other projects, but until recently it has suffered from a continual piling-on of stuff in transition between the house and garage and never fully functioned as a continuously liveable, workable room.

After Christmas we returned home with our decluttering-guns a-blazing, and Don set out to conquer this space once and for all. After evicting most of my vases and glassware from the built-in shelves, he found a place for all his professional materials and reference books; now everything has a proper home. (He is still patiently tolerating my stockpot and Christmas tins and a bit of barware on those top shelves - for now.)

On the wall opposite his desk he keeps a chart of his AOR (area of operations) with pins designating the SAR (search and rescue) cases or other operations he's been a part of while at this unit.

Each pin is a visual reminder of the reasons he goes to work each day.

Having this space is fun for everyone; it allows him to listen to music and spread out his work away from the kids and general bustle of our otherwise very small house, and gives him a place to focus on work when focus is required. I love the evenings (like this one) that we sometimes spend, each of us at our own computers getting our own "work" done, and popping in on each other every once in awhile to share an idea or a story from the day as we think of it.

This may be a small house, but in the (almost three!) years we have lived here Don and I have managed to find surprisingly functional extra space for our work and hobbies, and for that I am very grateful. But more than anything, I am so grateful for the love of this handsome, hardworking guy who sacrifices so much to serve his family and country, and if a little office in the garage helps him do all that, then all the better.

I love you, my dear!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day was yesterday, you say? Then apparently you haven't seen the movie. Around here we just keep doing the same kind of day until we get it right. But that's really not a bad thing, as our days are, for the most part, quite pleasant.

I know of a little boy who is *this* close to out-right crawling, and will soon be into EVERYTHING that he isn't into already. This same little boy also cut his first two bottom teeth this week...

... likes to hold boxes or books up to his face and laugh...

... wants desperately to take part in anything his big sister is doing...

... and generally charms my pants off whenever he gets the chance. Including the hours of 12, 3, and 6 am. He has also grown (by my measurement) two inches in less than two months, so maybe I can give him a pass on all those middle-of-the-night feedings... maybe.

I also know of a not-so-little girl who still loves to dress up like Cinderella, and sort through my scrap basket...

... and help me with any project at hand. This project would be going through my bottom dresser drawer and saying things like "have I ever worn this pair of fuzzy Santa socks?"

I have also declared my sewing room re-organization complete (post to come) and we are now open for business. First project up: Curious George Napping Pants for my little man. Found this on the remnant pile before Christmas and snatched it up because Amy L.O.V.E.S. Curious George, but realized it would be the perfect fabric to make some comfy pants to change William into when he goes down for naps. I made a similar pair for Amy (of different fabric) back in her napping day and they saw tons of wear.

Lots of baking has been happening as well, as I've made it my personal resolution to keep our family in homemade cookies at all times. Shown above are a variation on a pan cookie, which, with the addition of applesauce and quick-cook oats turned into a very moist and cake-like cookie-bar creation. Yum.

So there you have it. A quick catch-up on our many Groundhog Days this winter. Despite the moments when I might get a bit nutty from the "rinse, repeat" feeling, I really do treasure the chance to soak up all these daily moments, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.