Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Pink

(Don't judge on the carseat picture - we hadn't gone anywhere yet; I fixed his arm). 

Today was very rainy and William had his second ever visit to the dentist. He was not at all happy when I announced this as the Plan for the Day. But I gotta hand it to the boy, he really manned up and was an absolute angel - amazingly patient and cooperative for the cleaning and exam and even x-rays. Totally thrilled with his new toothbrush and toothpaste. It was a good visit. 

But the pinkie has to go. The Pink. Pinkerton. Since he was four months old William has made a favorite of his left pinkie finger, turned backwards (yes, like Austin Powers). It is so endearing and such a calming habit for him that I haven't really wanted him to stop, but the dentist was quite clear that his grace period for finger sucking was just about over. I don't know yet how harsh I'm willing to be to help him break this habit. I don't need my little boy to grow up any faster than he already is. 

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