Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Clean Start

Today I vacuumed the whole house while Caroline and I tried out our new mei tai carrier. 

I like the carrier very much. I like Caroline even better. I'm even fairly fond of vacuuming. 

However, newborn-in-carrier = no bending over. 

Toys and books all over floor + need to vacuum + no bending over = lots of squats.

Conclusion: my body was probably not ready for an hour of squats, but Caroline found dipping along with me to the purr of the vacuum to be quite soothing.  


  1. I remember doing the squats :) Cleaning and workout in one.

    Thanks for the pics; she is adorable!!

  2. I have that same mei tai carrier and loved it when Nell was littler. Not only is it comfortable, it's so cute!