Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lego Quest

Daddy plays the best games. 

When Mommy plays Lego, it goes a lot like this: sort the Lego back into the right drawers, rebuild something from the directions, help find missing pieces. (And hey, I can build nice square houses, too - with a door and a window). 

When Daddy plays Lego it goes like this: spend two hours assembling characters and staging them throughout the downstairs of the house, while fending off questions and keeping a six- and three-year-old engaged in the preparation and focused on what promises to be something Really Fun when it is all ready. Then spend another hour on a very detailed Quest based on the arranged characters and a big story conjured up in Daddy's head. This one involved pirates, a bicycle, a "horn of sleep," a wizard, "crabby gems" and a protagonist who could talk to animals, among other things. 

All this plus a sleeping baby meant Mommy had some time to get things done, and everyone had a good morning. 

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