Friday, January 3, 2014

I Think We'll Just Stay In

If yesterday was my test day for managing three kids at home all day, by myself, today was my test day for taking them all out and about. We made it through a haircut for Amy (including an hour-long wait and a diaper blowout) and a spin through Target (involving the store being much busier than I like, with schools still off for the holidays). Amy and William were super-cooperative and happy to be out for a change. Caroline slept for most of the trip (except for that bit about the diaper). 

Everything went really well but as we came to our last stop, a much-anticipated lunch at Panera Bread, we were all happy to just hit the drive-thru and come home. I can't really say that being out with three was overwhelming, but I came home with the general feeling that our situation now is a good reason to just stay put. There will of course still be plenty of necessary and recreational outings, but I think the scales have now tipped in favor of being homebodies, at least for the rest of the winter. Here's hoping that will result in less spending, more sewing, and a tidier house. In fact, that pretty much sums up my hopes for the New Year. 

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  1. I call it "the baby bubble." We stayed very close to home for much of the first year. In fact, our trip to Virginia in November was the first time I'd slept away from home since Levi came home. We had "the baby bubble" kind of back-to-back. :) Just enjoy your time keeping yourself and your little ones close and "nested." You can have grand adventures next year. ;) And congratulations on your first day out with all three. I'm sure you did wonderfully well! Love you!