Thursday, January 30, 2014

And Another

School was cancelled again today. We have been very grateful for the extra time at home - seems to have done everyone a lot of good.  Today was much the same as yesterday. No snow, but so cold that yesterday's dusting was still hanging around this morning. Don went to work. We trekked around outside for a bit collecting icicles. William wore his new hat - go me! - though for all my fear of it being too big it is actually a touch small... heads are weird.  

Otherwise our day was filled with a lot of Legos. And cars and trucks. And Little House games. All this just between Amy and William. I floated around, attending to laundry and other work, serving meals, and hanging out with Caroline. It was a nice day. 


  1. Love the hat; it looks so cute! This sounds like our week-- no snow days, but kids with low grade fevers just sick enough to stay home from school. But they were well enough for lots of happy, quiet playing together. It's the best, isn't it?

    I love all these sleeping baby pics you are posting. Sooooo adorable :) She looks like the perfect warm little snuggler.

    P.S. we also have a "snow bunny" shirt which our little C is wearing a lot these days!

  2. Thanks! I hope your girls are feeling better. We seem to finally have emerged from an ongoing cold/cough as well... I think days off (sick, snow, or otherwise) are necessary for making it through school in the winter.