Monday, January 20, 2014

Caroline's Corner

Wanted to share with you where Caroline spends (a little bit) of her nights. We live in a four-bedroom house and yet all five people are sharing just two rooms... hmm.  But with a move in about five months, it didn't make much sense to set up a full room for Caroline, especially since William shared with us for his first eight months. 

At first we had the pack-n-play set up alongside our bed, but after two weeks we got thinking that really, the full-size crib would fit just fine, and is a more comfortable surface to sleep on, as well as being a more convenient height for changing, etc. I'm proud to say this crib is our original Jenny Lind death-trap-drop-side crib purchased for Amy, and I still love it. I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of it.  

I really like Caroline's little corner of our room. Above her crib is the mobile that hung over my crib. My high school best friend made the frame of butterflies for Caroline. The picture in the black frame was there before the crib was but I see no reason to move it - it is a collage of lots of pictures of my family from long ago. Amy and William received two Moon nightlights as Christmas gifts, so one hangs in their room and one in our room. The yellow blanket my mom made, and the green one I made - awhile ago, out of a piece of seriously cozy green minky. There is a small collection of friends in the corner: the noise-machine lamb, Sophie the squeaky giraffe, and two little bunnies that Santa brought Caroline for Christmas, along with a tiny little dog that William wanted her to keep in her crib. 

I'm setting aside some other things for Caroline, when she does have a room to call her own - keeping in mind which dresser she might use and what I might put on the walls and which toys I will pull out to make her very own. But for now I'm happy to have her little corner still be just the one that is very close to us. 

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