Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day(s)

I was fully prepared to share this little picture yesterday and I had much to write about it, too, but alas, the power went out at dinnertime and didn't come back on until lunchtime today. I tried to log into my blog from my phone but entered the wrong little code Google sent me to verify the login and as a result I got shut out as a wannabe hacker - oops. 

Amy got an early dismissal yesterday, due to the incoming weather, as did Don, and we all had a cozy afternoon of Lego and knitting. Earlier in the day I finished (!) a big afghan I had nearly completed before Caroline arrived but hadn't be able to settle on an edging for it. Yesterday I found new resolve and remembered an old stitch and half-double-crocheted my way around the whole thing in record time. I'll share a picture one of these days. But the afternoon I spent on a new project - hat for William - with the crazy goal of finishing it in time for him to wear in the "snow" today. The last hat I made him seems to have gone missing... somewhere in the house. Anyway, I had to restart this project three times because I am lousy at gauge and couldn't find the pattern so twice I started it too big. That makes it sound like I lose things a lot - I don't really, just knitting patterns... and one hat. 

School was cancelled of course and Don's ship granted a snow day, too. The ice started in the evening and coated things pretty thoroughly. The temperature didn't move from 28 degrees all day. The power was out all night and through the morning and we were getting a little chilly in the house, but the kids were thrilled when the snow fell for about 30 minutes after breakfast. None of us has seen any snow in almost three years. The glaze over the grass even made a bit of sledding possible on our little hill - it was great! Then the kids came in with cold hands and were done with the outside thing. The rest of the day was spent with more Lego and more knitting... a perfect snow day. 

And here's a bonus picture, to make up for missing yesterday. 

Caroline is wearing the "Snow Bunny" shirt that belonged to Amy and was always a favorite of mine. Also note recently sorted and organized (and dusted) bookshelf behind me, with cat on top. 

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