Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Month

Just realized this is my last chance for a February post, so squeaking this one in at the eleventh hour (literally) will bring me up to 19 posts for a 28 day month.  I didn't quite post every day, but 19 sure blows away any other monthly total, so I will consider my challenge a success.

I've really enjoyed writing and sharing more regularly and will try to keep up a more steady rhythm in the months ahead.  The exercise of capturing a moment has been a huge help in keeping me focused during a month that might otherwise have gotten long and tedious (more details on why another time).  The kids grow and change so rapidly, and it is easy to think that a phase or joke or favorite pastime of theirs will last forever or that I'll always remember it, but that's not the case.  I do my best to write down little bits in their "baby books" but there is something so usefully spontaneous about just pairing a picture with a few sentences here that I'm finding I've more captured here than any where else.  And to write about projects or accomplishments helps remind me that there is more to my days than simply entertaining my children, that I am continuing to develop hobbies and interests for myself, even if only in small doses.

So speaking of capturing moments, I've been meaning to report on an excellent discovery made a few weeks back, tipped off by a fellow blogger.  This website turned out to be the very thing I've always wanted: a way to turn my virtual log into a real, touchable book of memories.  I ordered the first two years of my blog bound into a 100 page book (which took only about 15 minutes of effort on my part) and it is just lovely.  Highly recommended!

And that's about all I've got for now - it is bedtime.  Thanks so much for hanging around this month.  See you in March!

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