Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Growing Up


When every day is more or less the same as the one before it, it can be hard to remember that these little munchkins are, in fact, growing up.  Changing and learning and doing new things all the time - sometimes gradually, sometimes all at once.  William is so much my little boy, my baby, that often I don't think consciously about him growing up until I see a picture.  Something about the way a moment in time is flattened, frozen, makes it so striking how much he (they both are) changing and growing. 


And there's moments like this, when scribbling with markers (or better yet, launching them one at at time off the side of the table) is no longer just something to do while Amy draws.  It's taking a break from making Hammer Soup ("it's chocolatey!") in order to draw some trees.  Can you see them?  

Crazy fun stuff, this growing up. 

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