Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I might be crazy


Today's project... I might be crazy... attempting to build a playhouse for the kiddos... which would be easy, but I'm also trying to make it something I can take apart and put away easily... as we don't have any yard to "visually" call our own and would risk a nastygram from housing if large playhouse remained erect in our backyard.  I gotta say I'm pretty pleased with my construction skills, but not so sure about the sturdiness of my engineering vision.  More tomorrow on this one! 


  1. Very cool! Are you using plans from somewhere or did you think it up yourself?

    I'm not quite as ambitious. We got a plastic house off of freecycle :)

    1. I thought it up myself... I have a repressed (and very basic) architect in me somewhere.
      And if available I definitely would have gone for a free plastic house :)

  2. Nice!

    Also, having it built in away that it comes apart easily will help ensure that it can move with you when you get assigned to a new duty station! (See how much Army life affects my thinking about...everything!?) :)

  3. Thanks! And yes, I too think about most things in the context of moving again!