Saturday, February 16, 2013



A few weeks back I bought Amy a cheap paperback book about the planets from her Scholastic book order.  It contained practically zero information, just a nice picture of each of the planets, in order. 

Though it has been in our reading pile all week, she only discovered it last night, and was launched into a late night, impassioned frenzy of interest in learning all about the solar system. 

So this afternoon we went to the library for some more substantial books on the subject because, "Mommy, I just NEED to know what Neptune is made of!" 

That was followed by a trip to AC Moore because I had a coupon and we needed supplies.  We procured a large piece of black poster board, a bottle of blue paint (that happened to be just the right color for Neptune - later sidelined in favor of her trusty markers).  Also found a overpriced set of glow-in-the-dark plastic planets complete with fishing line and star-shaped pushpins to suspend each from the ceiling.  

Returned home and began project, a collaborative effort which turned out quite nicely (shown above, in progress).  I traced assorted circles on heavy paper, she colored each in, accurately.  I cut, she arranged them, we glued.  I made the sun, tomorrow we'll draw in the orbits.  She added a few robots and space creatures just for good measure. 

Hung plastic planets before bathtime tonight (with a splitting headache, thankyouverymuch). Gotta say, they are pretty cool.  Last I checked, Amy was flat on her back staring at them and narrating her journey to each one.  She told me, as I said goodnight for the tenth time, that if I needed her, she would be in the hotel on Pluto, sixth floor, room 22. 

Good to know. 

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