Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just for Fun


Hi folks, I have zero energy tonight, but rather than skip out on my everyday posting challenge (I know, I missed the weekend - shhhh!) I present some miscellaneous items from the past few days. 

Yes, Darth Vader has painted toenails.  It happens sometimes, usually when Amy wants her toes painted, and especially if Darth spotted BLUE nail polish at Target.  Sorry. 


Saw this at Kohl's the other day, would have bought it for the kids' room if the price was right (it wasn't).  Daddy sings all kinds of songs to them. Mommy sings just one, and this is it: 


Gotta pat ourselves on the back here: 


Our housing company is beginning to implement a program that will track residents' utilities each month, calculate an average for all similar homes, and charge those who significantly exceed the average, and refund those who fall well-below the average.  (Heat/electricity/water have been fully included in our rent until now).  The thought being, that if families have to pay for utilities, then they will use less!  Wow, I wonder how many brilliant minds it took to figure that one out.  Maybe put them to work on healthcare.  

Anyway, pretty pleased with ourselves that we are 29% below the average for our neighborhood.  

And lastly, grabbed this piece of kitty furniture on sale last week - I've had my eye on it for awhile.  Hoping it will deter the awful back-door scratching, and I am tentatively going to say it's working.  Humphrey (who has been the worst offender) loves it, it makes him growl and roll and do all sorts of silly things when he gets to the top.  Ollie, with his little short legs, hasn't conquered the top roost but has been happily napping on the middle shelf.  Pleasantly surprised with the attention this has gotten in a short amount of time. 


And.... that's all folks, time for some R&R, which might or might not involve 
re-watching Sunday's Downton Abbey. See ya tomorrow! 

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