Saturday, February 2, 2013

Favorite Things


My dear little boy loves to carry his favorite toys around with him.  Not necessarily out of the house, but certainly up to bed with him and back down in the morning.  I made this little blue bag for him awhile ago and thankfully he's taken to hauling his treasures around in it - prior to that he'd get frustrated for lack of hands to hold it all.  

Contents may vary, but today's assortment is pretty standard:  A pretend cell phone, two tiny little books and most importantly his "wittle back book" - a little black address book that Don discarded long ago.  Assorted light sabers, flashlights, walkie-talkie that doubles as a gun (just in case).  A compass that he calls his Clock.  Little wind-up motorcycle man.  Three monster trucks, the most recent favorite segment of his car collection.  A least one bouncy ball (extra special if it's the blue one).  A tiny wooden toy I made for myself a looong time ago, which he calls his Computer. Most importantly, his little tiny Puppy.  Puppy is a most definite favorite, and nothing gets a bigger smile than finding Puppy after he's gone missing under the covers or gotten into some sort of mischief.  Too big for the bag but just as important: "Buddy" - W's blanket. He's had it since he was a baby, but really only got attached (and named it) about a year ago.  Best thing ever?  When Buddy is "all fresh and clean", straight from the dryer.  

He's the sweetest boy in the world, and his affection for all his little treasures makes him pretty much the cutest thing ever.  But perhaps I'm biased. 


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