Thursday, June 8, 2017


So today was not my most productive day ever, but it was certainly a nice one. Glorious weather. Every day lately, when I'm tempted to complain about how unseasonably cool it has been, I remind myself that we do not have a/c, and it would be a long sweaty summer if every day from June to September was 80 degrees. Really, 60s is good. 

Today we spent just about all our playtime outside. Watched our silly kitty find the catnip patch, then drink from the convenient birdbath nearby. I also had to rescue a chipmunk from his clutches (no harm done) and clean up two voles that were definitely not so lucky. Yum. 

We took a wagon walk around the neighborhood and stopped to visit Max, who is probably the nicest dog ever. 

Later, when M was napping, C and I went back out for some more chalk drawing time on the warm sidewalk. It was all so pleasant. We'll go to the grocery store tomorrow (right?). 

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