Friday, June 16, 2017


While we are only one day into summer vacation, I can't help feel like I'm winning in the chore/responsibility/routine department. I have been dreaming up this custom white board idea for some time now, making mental notes of things I'd like the kids to do or improve on, and noting how much certain people (William) have thrived on the rigid structure of school days. Toss in the need for a bit more religion in our lives (both kids miss their Christian private school in Oregon) and I had more than enough material to fill a 16x20 poster frame. 

Now, the best part is that the kids have been ALL OVER this new system. I thought my ideas about Handwriting Practice and chore assignments would go over like lead balloons but so far at least there is much enthusiasm. 

I'll keep you posted on how long the enthusiasm lasts, but has helped everyone get summer off on the right foot. 

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