Friday, June 30, 2017


Summertime... And time to move some furniture! We are trying a new room and roommate arrangement, for now. C and A decided they wanted to share a room, so a few quick changes in Amy's room made that pretty easy. 


And after:

It was a fun day of us all just playing around upstairs, cleaning, sorting, all those good things. 

Now that C's room is vacant it gives me a good chance to paint her closet and also paint all the trim in her room.  After that sprucing, I'm going to move M in there, which means we will have the master to ourselves again! Imagine! I figure we can review room assignments anytime, really, and in a year or so C and A might want their own rooms back, and by then M should be old enough to go share with W. Funny, A and W shared from the time W was eight months old straight through the next 5+ years and I never thought much of it, but now that everyone has been separate for a bit it seems like a big consideration to figure out who will sleep best with whom. Ah, first-world problems. 

Oh, and lastly, new room enthusiasm had all four kids building a blanket fort well into the evening: 

Good times all around.  

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