Tuesday, June 6, 2017


If I had to name (just) one parenting failure I've committed, I would say that I've been terrible about teaching my kids to fix their own food. Caroline probably does the most kitchen helping for her age, and the older two have always liked to help bake and such. But otherwise I've been much more of a "please just let me do it myself I can do it faster" -type short-order cook. And this particular kitchen doesn't make me want to share either, as the prep space consists of that area of counter C is standing in front of, and that's it. 

But the big kids have expressed repeatedly that they want to learn to cook, so we are making that one of our collective summer goals. Tonight, just to get started, they very enthusiastically cooked a single scrambled egg. I kept my hands off and they did it perfectly. This Momma must learn to let go. 

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