Saturday, June 3, 2017


Today's feature was this lady's dance recital. She was one nervous Nellie, though the dress rehearsal last week was harder on the nerves than the recital. She did a great job, is really fairly talented, and in the end enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment in performing. However, she's definitely NOT a sequined, limelight-loving girlie-girl, so it'll be interesting to see how dance class fits into her extracurriculars next year. She's learning all about herself these days, that's for sure.  

This one, however, has been simply dying to get back to dance class after her fall semester mommy-and-me class ended. She'll be more than ready for the real deal come this fall. 

And just one more, 

Photo by Don, catching the little guy cheering for a goal during the hockey game. "Goal!" was one of his first words back in the winter, always exclaimed with arms raised. Love love love. 

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