Thursday, April 7, 2016

6, Fig, 7, Slide

In thinking ahead to the pictures I want to include in this month long project I fear I might be leaning too heavily on individual plant specimens but I must not let the fig tree in our backyard go unmentioned. I had never even eaten a fresh fig before, let alone picked one off my own tree. They are such funny little fruit on a funny little tree but anytime I am lucky enough to encounter them in the future figs will always make me think of here. 

I believe William took this picture, and I was about to delete it but instead I'm blogging it. Another thing we have all been grateful for about this house has been the large backyard and the huge wooden playground/swing set. My father-in-law reportedly scrubbed this whole slide clean when he and Don first got out to the house so it was ready for the kids. I think they all spend as much time running up it as sliding down. It's a very good slide. 

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