Tuesday, April 19, 2016

19, Timber

This picture falls under the heading of "photos taken from stop signs when I really shouldn't be taking pictures with my phone."  There are a number of views around town that impress me each and every time I behold them, and they are the images I wanted most to make part of this series. However, they are proving to be the ones most difficult to capture. Too much fooling around on my part and I get Caroline in the back seat saying, "Mommy, what are you do-ning?" 

So just before we left the library parking lot today I grabbed his picture. It hints at the rolliing mountains on the other side of the bay. You can see part of one of the giant ships that pull up here to load timber or wood chips to export to China. The lighting on the enormous piles of logs is poor, and this is only a fraction of the timber piles that line the water's edge on a daily basis. Maybe I'll go play journalist one of these days and drive into the lot for a better picture of it all. I know timber is a well-managed resource, but I can't help thinking: that's a lot of trees. Makes me think about just how vast this state really is. 

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