Saturday, April 23, 2016

20, Kiddos

Okay, this doesn't quite go with my scenic blog theme for the month, but I didn't have any stand-out pictures for today so let's just check in with the kiddos for a change: 

Matthew has entered the stage where I can't get an in-focus picture of him because he just won't hold still. He's still small but I think he's just so athletic that he burns all his extra calories. He can roll and scoot all over his quilt and I can't exactly trust him to stay put any more. But he's smiley and happy and awesome and we all just love him to pieces. 

Over the weekend it was warm enough (according to the children) to fill up our tiny little pool for a bit of splashing. William and Caroline remain very good buddies these days and play very sweetly together when it's just them. 

Amy put her own hair up like Rey in the new Star Wars. She's been wearing her hair back more lately, at long last, and looks terribly grown up when she does. She's nearly done with third grade and pretty much dazzles me with her confidence and abilities now. Actually they all do that quite a bit, in their own right. Quite amazing to take a step back and think about where they all are these days. 

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