Thursday, April 28, 2016

23, 24, 25 Rhododendrons and Dewey Mornings

Did I talk about the rhododendrons already? They are in full bloom right now and are far and away the whole town's favorite landscape plant. We've always had a big rhody at my parents' house, but I have never seen anything like these. They grow so big they can hardly be called shrubs, and are covered in blooms in every color imaginable. This was all on display at the mall last Saturday, with blooms on display for judging. This table above was only 1/4 of the whole spectrum. I was dazzled. 

Later that same day Amy and D returned from a day volunteering and brought me a clipping, which went right in my crowded kitchen window. 

I love sinks with a view, and the deep sill here features some of my favorite treasures and my few houseplants. With the swingset right outside there is always something interesting to watch, especially now that all 3 big kids spend more time playing outside without my immediate presence necessary. 

I warned you that I'd be overdoing the flowers in this series. But here it's the dewdrops that caught my eye. Or maybe it was an overnight rain, but these damp mornings have such a fresh quality out here. The air has a faintly pine smell from all that timber down by the water, the same smell that a walk in the woods by the ocean has. So clean and fresh, even in this little urban enclave. It's a unique air quality that will always remind me of Oregon. 

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