Saturday, April 30, 2016

27-30, Not Pictured

I have exactly half an hour left in the month of April to compose and publish this post to properly conclude my little series. I didn't quite get all the images I wanted to collect - and some, like the window-screen shot above just don't do any of it justice. There are also places that have been photographed and mentioned in other posts but I didn't include here. And there is plenty I'm forgetting, I'm sure. 

Beneath the quiet hum of all my flower pictures and pithy words this month has been the frantic paddling of my little ducky feet as we go through the process of buying our first house, clear on the other side of the country. We will see it for real for the first time on the day we close. I'll share more about it once it's a done deal. This move will be very much of a homecoming for us, returning to the state we grew up in, yet haven't lived in in ten years. D's job will be the "easiest" of any tour we've done yet, and we will be getting used to a different style of work life for him. We are also anticipating staying put for at least the next five years, another unprecedented stretch of time in one place for us. 

The blessings are overflowing in the months ahead; I just need to remain focused on them and not be consumed by the stress of moving our household, having to leave school and friends and our home of the last 22 months, traveling back east, and pulling off this whole homeowner thing

I plan to spend the month of July napping. 

Thoughts are big and time is short, but I hope to pop in with some light and easy kiddo posts in the coming month while we get our schtuff together and prepare for the next big adventure. Wish us luck! 

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