Tuesday, April 12, 2016

11 and 12, Other People's Houses

There are two houses that I drive by every day that I just love. The one above showcases the best of the common house styles out here, the bungalow. It's just adorable. That's my car antenna slicing through the picture, as I tried not to look like a creepy person taking pictures while getting the kids out of the car. 

The next one is a tiny house on a street full of tiny houses - and NOT the trendy kind. It is the amazing lipstick-red rhododendron blooming in front of the slightly worn cornflower blue siding that makes this one worth looking at. Again, my stalker phone picture barely does it justice. 

Having lived only up and down the east coast, and admittedly in fairly affluent areas, the, um, appearance of neighborhoods out here was a bit of a culture shock. But there are plenty of gems tucked here and there and driving by my favorites always brightens my day. 

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