Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Today I decorated our kitchen Christmas tree. I've always wanted a tree in the kitchen, and this is the first house where that's been possible. Don might think I'm a little nuts, especially after my pitch to him about why we really needed to get the cute little fake tree with the colored lights and put it up in the living room weeks before Thanksgiving... ahem.

And I like that tree just fine, but frankly, I'm never in the living room to enjoy it during the day. The kitchen seems to be where I spend the most time in this house. Plus, you can't drive three blocks in this town without passing a Christmas tree stand, so I just couldn't resist. 

It is such a cute little thing - just over five feet tall with a nice shape. We didn't have a "real" tree at all last year so I'm extra excited about this one. (We still have last year's humongous artificial tree in the garage - it was simply too big to put in this house the way we have things arranged.... but it was gorgeous (and expensive), so it'll be waiting for a repeat performance in years and houses to come). 

And leave it to the iphone to be able to capture the elusive lit-tree picture.

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