Thursday, December 4, 2014

For Me

If you will indulge me, I need to take a quick minute away from the joy of giving and talk a little about the joy of getting. After a hefty order of Christmas presents and much-needed cold-weather clothes from Kohl's I found myself with $40 of Kohl's Cash burning a hole in my virtual wallet. 

All season I have kinda-sorta wanted a pair of riding boots. But I don't consider myself a terribly fashionable person, and at $80-100 for even fake leather boots, it just didn't quite rate as something I really needed (or wanted) to spend that kind of money on. 

But, an Early-Black-Friday-Cyber-Email-Bombardment highlighted the very boots I've kinda-sorta wanted for the slim price of $29.99. Take 20% off of that with a coupon, toss in free shipping and my Kohl's cash and they were basically paying me to take these boots. 

Oh, okay, if I must. 

I thought I might wrap them and put them under the tree, from Santa, of course, but they arrived this morning and I tried them on... and they fit so perfectly and felt so warm and snug and good and I (for once) looked so cool that I just couldn't put them away. 

So there, that's me and my new boots. 

PS - I know you can hardly even see the boots in the skinny-mirror picture above... sorry.  I can't stop looking at the chaos of the dress-up bin in the reflection, the sunken Frozen balloon left over from Amy's birthday... and the other random toy bits strewn all about the floor. If I got paid per item for things I pick up off the floor these days I'd be a rich lady.

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