Monday, December 8, 2014

Cookies, Again

I've got good help these days, in the baking department. Especially from my boy, who has always had a bit more interest in helping me bake than his big sister. Lately it has become one of our go-to activities when A is at school, just making small batches of cookies to keep the jar full. 

These "gingerbread" cookies aren't gingerbread at all, but chocolate, and come with a funny story. I stumbled across the bag of mini M&M baking bits at Walmart and was terribly excited because they are so hard to find and I was explaining to W in the store about how yummy M&M cookies are, and pointed out the recipe on the back of the bag. 

Once we were home he kept going on about "making gingerbread cookies" which was odd because I've never really made gingerbread cookies, and I kept explaining that I intended to make M&M cookies. "We will use them just like chocolate chips!" I proclaimed, stupidly, repeatedly. Finally, when it was clear we were not sharing the same vision, he showed me bag: 

Oh, of course. Clearly, that is a gingerbread man on the M&M bag. Right. So guess what kind of cookies we made? 

And he applied every single M&M himself (except for those sneaky few that jumped in his mouth, of course). 
Yes, those are swim goggles at the end of the counter. Doesn't everybody keep a pair handy in the kitchen?

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