Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tiny Garden

Just kidding about that posting-every-day thing. Yeesh, where does the week go? 

We are enjoying a beautiful week of warm and summery weather, but minus the outrageous humidity, and as you can see, we have been poolside most afternoons. And by poolside, I mean, we fill the little pool, A&W play in it for all of 5 minutes, and spend the next hour filling buckets/squirting things/making mud. But hey, it passes the time. 

And in other outdoor news, the kids have quite a nice little container garden going. Less than two weeks ago we went to Lowes and bought small pots, fresh soil, and I let the kids pick their own seeds. Usually I am all over the garden project early in the spring, and in this house we have had some nice tomatoes, herbs, flowers and beans both in containers and in the ground. But with a mid-summer move this year, I had no intention of starting anything I couldn't finish. Nevertheless, the kids were eager to plant something, so what's a mother to do?  Amy is growing marigolds, chives, and beans. William chose pumpkins, petunias, and carrots. This is perfect seedling weather right now and everything is growing like crazy. I hope all these guys can hang on in their pots for the next 5-ish weeks until we can drive them up to my parents house and plant them in my dad's garden. Good thing we are getting a trailer for that part of the trip, otherwise we'd all be traveling with potted plants on our laps. 

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