Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Empty Space

This whole moving thing must be for real, because here we are with an (almost) empty room. I was completely thrilled that we had a neighbor who not only wanted our extra guest mattress but also was willing to pay me for it and take it away this afternoon. 

With the bed apart, frame and linens stored, and the carpet vacuumed we now have a luxuriously empty room upstairs, and the kids all think this is pretty much the greatest thing that has ever happened to them. Which kinda makes me feel like getting rid of all our stuff and just having a bunch of empty rooms... but perhaps that is a bit drastic. Anyway, it's a little novelty and a welcome bit of breathing space - a room where nothing else needs to be done until the movers come.

Caroline thought it was pretty great too, and was happy to show off her new sitting-up skills. 

Yup, I think this will be my new decorating theme... no furniture, just a few pillows on the floor. Seems to be a hit. 

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