Monday, September 9, 2013

Bedroom Tour

Aaannnd another two weeks of silence in blog-land. I'm not really sure how so much time goes by so quickly, and can only make excuse with the ol' school days conveyor belt we seem to have stepped on and my growing fatigue with being vertical. Come this time of night when I usually catch up pictures and blogs and such I've been tending to... not. But anyway, enough excuses.

Today I'd like to take you on a small tour of Amy and William's room. Last week I procured a new dresser for Amy and tidied up some things. Not much as changed yet I simply find myself looking around their room as we read at night and really, really loving it. Let's begin:


Amy's previous dresser was a four-drawer Christmas Tree Shop special purchased and assembled by moi before she was born. It was still functioning, but she could not make use of the top or top drawer very well, and being rather cheaply made 6 years and 3 moves had taken their toll. I got fixated on wanting something on the still-smallish side, but more horizontal, so that she could have more access to her little treasures and jewelry box and books on top. I had trouble finding the size I wanted, and thought it might mean a goose chase through thrift stores but good old Target came through for me. It took an entire morning for me to assemble (with William's help, of course), weighs about 500 pounds, but is generally sturdy and should last for awhile. And it was just the right size. 


I didn't change the things already on the wall - shelf of special knickknacks, her "medals" from school and Little Gym, and an adorable print by Sarah Jane. Oh, and that's Yavin 4 hanging from the ceiling. But I did add the lamp with the cool purple shade (since purple is her new favorite color). And right up front is a beautiful music box doll that our dear friends sent her - just because. She loves it - and loves it all; I was so pleased with her reaction when she came home from school and I surprised her with this. This dresser holds more as well and simply seems more grown-up and fitting my almost six-year-old. 


William's side of the room is pretty much unchanged, though I did scoot his dresser closer to the bed to make room for the second basket of stuffed animals. And note the solar system - I know I mentioned it awhile back but don't think I ever took a picture. 


William did get a very cool new set of sheets with construction machines all over them, so he's a happy camper too.  


I don't think I'll be featured on any decorating blogs any time soon, but still, I just love this room. It is sweet and simple and calm, and all the things in it are special. I also love that the only toys in here are stuffed animals, and just a handful of books. Everything else is downstairs (which makes for a clutter-battle in the living room, but a very peaceful bedroom). I didn't set out to have my kids sharing a room like this, but they continue to be happy with the arrangement and I am, too. Thanks for taking a look around! 

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