Sunday, September 15, 2013

Frogging Complete


This is one yarn project that is no more. I've tried six ways to Sunday to use up a whole ton of my leftover Red Heart acrylic yarn. It makes such good afghans but I just haven't come up with a pattern or design I like for using up the assortment of colors I have on hand. This number had been sitting around, about 30" of it, for months, and I finally decided that it just wasn't doing it for me, and probably wouldn't ever, even if I did finish it. So in a very liberating decision I decided to just frog the whole thing ("rippit, rippit" - in case you don't know the joke). Don asked, "Isn't it discouraging, to undo so many hours of work?" Not really - honestly it was more satisfying than anything. An unburdening of a project that was bringing me no joy. On to other things. I've got a different, very nice afghan in the works, for example, that I can now devote all my crocheting time to. It feels good. 

And just to complete the picture above... there's that belly of mine... I'm rounding the bend into the third trimester... still seems like an awful lot of time left.  Beyond my toes are about three dozen toy cars and trucks scattered on the floor. They seem to be the favorite for one and all these days, and I've given up on trying keeping them in the basket. At this moment we were all watching Winnie the Pooh - the newest one, which William asks for every day. We happen to have it on blue ray and the animation is stunning, even if I still prefer the calmer pace of the earlier WTP's. 

There is a whole line-up of quick tidbits I'd like to share... tentatively hoping for a post every night this week to get caught up... hold me to it! 

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