Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Morning, Afternoon


This morning I was the creepy person taking a hasty cell phone picture in the school parking lot. It doesn't do the lighting justice, but I had to try. The golden sunshine through all those pine trees was just so pretty. I wanted to remember it, because the way those pines grow so straight and close on the flat ground is such a Carolina look, one that I am in danger of taking for granted, yet so unique to where we are right now. 

(No points being awarded for grammar in the above paragraph.) Moving on. 


This afternoon I grabbed some sewing time and continued work on new covers for the living room couch pillows. Nothing fancy, just fabric I've had on hand for this project for, oh, six months now?  Pillows always seem like such a simple proposition but they kinda take a lot of patience... especially installing zippers. One nice side effect of Amy being in school is that both kids seem to really miss each other, and have been spending huge chunks of time playing together in the afternoons with little attention required from me. Sewing time upstairs by myself for 45 minutes?  Good deal. And I could hear every word the little munchkins were saying downstairs, so there was no lack of supervision. 

And that is all.  The middle part of my day involved a lot of thinking - about nothing personal, just big-picture, societal-problem-type stuff... too heavy, really.  Felt grounded by the moments in these two pictures. 

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