Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Cleaning


Every single time I go through our front door I want to clean it. Pollen and dust and mildew have collected in all the little edges and ledges around the door and two front windows. Most of the time I enter the house I have a purse/child/water bottle/mail/keys/shopping bag in one or both hands, and once inside the problem is quickly forgotten. Today, finally, I took the time to do something about it. Soapy bucket, hose, stiff brush, and about 30 minutes was all it took to make the front of the house look a million times better. I was so buoyed by my success that I even fished out my one decent (and fairly autumnal) wreath to hang on the hook that's been vacant since the Christmas greens came down. 

It was 85 degrees with sweltering humidity while I was doing all this, but I'm hoping a tiny touch of fall decorating might help bring about a shift in the seasons, even down here. 

And while I was cleaning William spent the whole time talking to a little green bug who happened to be hanging out on his handlebars, seen below in the space between William's left ear and the bike: 


This boy loves his small creatures - furry, creepy, or otherwise - and he watched this bug's every move. 

And yes his helmet is on backwards. It's the only way he'll wear it lately. I probably should be a better mother and insist he wear it properly, but, well, at least he wears a helmet. 

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