Thursday, September 19, 2013



By the time we get to Thursday, patience is running low and frustration lurks around every corner. William slips into the standard little brother role of tweaking and poking at his sister to get the attention he's been missing from her all day. Amy resorts to shrieks and/or tattling when he does. It's all just lovely. 

But for the most part, there are still lots of moments of sibling harmony, like this one after dinner tonight. I had moved the little table into the kitchen so Amy could focus on her homework while I put on the TV for William to keep him from falling asleep while I made dinner (they were both exhausted from playing, mostly nicely, in the pool all afternoon on yet another warm day). Amy thought this quiet space of her own was great, being otherwise too fragile (say it like the dad does in A Christmas Story) to work at the kitchen table amid the usual distractions. She returned here to draw after dinner, graciously let William join, and together they did some awesome work. 

William drew his first "person" - seen blurry below, note two legs and colored-in body with head floating above. I love this little artistic milestone and am just as delighted as I was when Amy suddenly sprang into the world of her own drawing. 


And Amy has been a pro with the markers and her little stick people acting out all sorts of elaborate, motion-filled scenes for awhile now, but drawings like this show how she's started to fill things out a little more, and I think that's just awesome, too. 


And now that they are harmoniously sleeping I'm going to get moving in that direction as well. Happy Friday! 

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