Sunday, March 8, 2015

Not Perfect

I'm feeling a little under-blogged and topics are piling up, but since that magical time block just to write and catch up is not any more likely to appear in this week than it did in the last, I will jump right in with my most recently completed quilt. This one a baby blanket for an expecting friend. However, it sadly did not pass quality control, even after a redo attempt. Since I am quite tired of this particular project, I'm calling it done, and it is already in Caroline's crib. 

The piecing on this one went very well, and of course I adore the fabrics. It was the backing that did me in. I sprung for some fancy cotton sherpa I had seen all over other people's darling projects, but I forgot my personal rule of quilting: turned quilts just never work out. 

No matter how carefully I stitched, it was all bubbly and stretchy in all the wrong places. 

And while it is fine and certainly cute, I am too much of a perfectionist to send this off into the world as an example of my work. So it is back to the drawing board for my dear friend! Plan and sew another quilt? Oh darn, if I must. 

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