Saturday, February 28, 2015

Growing Up

Can someone please tell me who this young lady is? She can't possibly be my eldest child. This girl got her first pair of glasses yesterday, and while she won't be wearing them all the time, she is quite excited about the whole idea. And I so admire her style and conviction; she picked out exactly what she wanted and she looks amazing, and awfully grown up in them. She's continuing through the Harry Potter books and loving school and generally dazzling me every day. 

And not too far behind in the growing up department is this young man: 

Who really really loves to "shop" for Transformers on the iPad. This week he finished his fourth session of swim lessons - he's been swimming twice a week since November and has taken to swimming with incredible discipline and enthusiasm. It has been a wonderful experience for him.  His teacher is gentle and encouraging. She told me Wednesday that he's now at "Level 4," which means little to me but I can see how far he's come since that first lesson and it's pretty impressive for a four-and-a-half year-old. 

And then there is Miss C, at breakfast with me here, clearly not sitting in her booster seat, but eating at the table like a big girl. Though, truth be told, she's more often found sitting ON the table. Or standing on it. Stealing the markers. Or someone else's food. Still some growing up to do there I suppose, but I do hope she takes her time. They are all growing so fast. 

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