Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Freshening Up Spaces

Ever since making these curtains for the living room I've been on a slow quest to freshen up our living room and make it feel (for the first time in our marriage) like a truly "decorated" and adult space. Hard when we keep moving, and with kids and toys and all the things that present a challenge to a serene and cohesive space. But, I think I am now pretty much there. 

My little yellow table is looking sweet and bright in front of the window, and the kids have been finding it useful. There was some transformers play, as well as some Hogwarts homework. 


The Hogwarts homework just slayed me; I can't help but share: 

There was a similar page devoted to transfiguration- this girl is well rounded in her studies. 

Anyway, here's the other half of the room: 

The mantle I fixed up after Christmas, using my favorite collection of blue glass bottles, some fake dogwood stems from Joann's, wreaths I made from blackberry vine growing wild on our hedges, and a cute lamp from Ross. The print over the piano was purchased, also at Ross, just last week and was exactly what this room has needed. I absolutely adore it. Previously there was a smaller painting above the piano and matching lamps and the whole thing looked kind of fuddy-duddy. Inspired by the new print, I hauled out the box of framed photos that so far hadn't made it to the walls in this house, and went about making a little gallery wall out of our black-and-white grandparent wedding pictures. That's us in the middle. And the bottom left frame is still awaiting a picture, just place holding for now. And don't you love the feet sprouting from the couch? 

So that's that. It gives me such a pleasant feeling to have this room looking a bit more spiffy than it was. 

I'll sign off with an awfully cute picture of my favorite snuggle bunny:  Have a lovely Wednesday, folks! 

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