Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trip Around the World Remix

I am not one for swearing, but honestly I can only describe my quilt-designing style as completely you-know-what-backwards. I have never used a real pattern, almost always buy the fabric first and then decide how to use it, and dependably change my plan at least twice before completion. This quilt, finished, washed, and hung today, was no exception. 

A whole two years ago it started life looking like this: 

An attempt to use my beloved collection of Sarah Jane fabrics, mixed with my beloved butter yellow, in my beloved trip-around-the-world pattern. It was a fail. Way too sweet, matchy, predictable, awkwardly-sized, and the yellow just didn't work. So this top sat, all folded up, in my stash, feeling very sorry for its well-intentioned self. 

In cleaning out my fabric last month I had moved this to the give away pile, hoping someone might find a treasure in it. But then I got the crazy idea to take a pair of scissors to it instead, cutting away the offending yellow. After trimming up the four-patch squares that resulted and putting the rest in the scrap bag, I found a white-on-white print in my stash, cut setting squares, and from there I was on a roll. 

The whole thing is only 36" square and I knew after all this quilt and I had been through it had to be a just-for-me pretty wall hanging. It worked up quickly and I am so very pleased that it is now done and that I have been able to turn a resented project into a beloved one. 

I also am an ADD quilter, and naturally have two others in the pipeline right now and will share here soon. I only find time to work on any of this in tiny little bursts, here and there, but all those little bits of time do add up, and I am rather astonished to find how much creativity I've been able to fit in lately, when I am otherwise feeling barely capable of keeping up. 

Now that I got that run-on sentence out of my system, I will move along to some other little bit of me time. Next project? 

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